Digital gift cards are a pain to buy, a pain to share and a pain to redeem. And the experience is the same as their plastic predecessors—flat.

Worse, they do little to help brands sell more merchandise or reduce the $1 billion in gift cards that go unredeemed each year.

Lazlo changes all of that. Our digital platform transforms eGift cards into a personal and engaging experience.


Send in a video, GIF or meme


No registration required


Anonymous, but trackable


Encrypted data reduces fraud

Giving gift cards got fun again.

Remember when giving and getting gifts used to be fun? With Lazlo, digital gift cards can be embedded in numerous forms of media such as videos, memes and GIFs. Messages can be easily personalized. And sharing is as simple as sending a text.

Why send a gift card when you can send a gift video?

Lazlo for gift cards: how it works.

Choose a brand and amount

Select from multiple dynamic media

Send in a text or share socially

Redeem directly with no registration

Ready to take your gift card business to the next level?

We’re working with some of the world’s leading retailers and brands to forever change the way people give gifts. Are you ready to take the leap?