Don’t let buying digital tickets take the fun out of the show. Lengthy registrations make purchasing difficult. Sharing and reselling is even harder.

Worse, the experience is the same as paper tickets—flat. And they do little to guide the event experience or increase sales at the venue.

Lazlo makes it fun and easy to buy and share dynamic tickets from a venue or broker’s website or app. No registration required.


Embed tickets in videos & GIFs


No registration required


Adjust offers in real-time


Reduce counterfeiting

Save Tickets from the Trash.

We enable tickets to be embedded in dynamic media like videos and GIFs, so that you can deliver unique experiences and personalized offers. With Lazlo the ticket becomes a star in the show—and doesn’t get discarded or deleted as soon as it’s used.

Ready to Improve On-Site Sales with Dynamic Tickets?

We’re working with several leading ticket brokers and event organizers to re-invent ticketing. Are you in?