Gift card pioneer and leading retail expert Don Kingsborough has joined the Lazlo 326 Board of Advisors.

Kingsborough’s 40-year career spans important executive and operating roles at the intersection of retail, stored value and technology. As the former founder and CEO of Blackhawk Network, he is commonly credited with pioneering the retail gift card market. Most recently, he is a member of the Board of Directors and the former CEO of OneMarket, an integrated retail platform for connecting offline and online shopping. He has also held important positions at PayPal, Westfield Corp. and is the former president of Atari’s consumer business.

“No one better understands how consumers want to engage and transact with retailers in the online and offline worlds than Don Kingsborough,” said Chris Demetree, CEO and co-founder of Lazlo. “He stands alone in the industry for his ability to deliver transformative innovation across one of the world’s largest industries.”

“Lazlo has found a way to overcome the lack of industry collaboration and innovation that has kept physical retailers at a disadvantage for nearly two decades,” said Kingsborough. “Their approach and technology connect consumers, retailers, stored value providers and CPGs in an unprecedented manner. I’m excited to join and support the team as they work to bring this transformative platform to the market.”

Kingsborough is the second formidable addition to Lazlo’s advisory team announced this month. The company recently announced the additional of former Blackhawk, Citi and Verifone executive Richard Char. Last year, the company announced that former J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. executive Mike Passilla had joined the company’s advisory team.

Lazlo’s patented technology enables stored value items like lottery games, gift cards and movie tickets to be securely embedded in digital media, like videos and memes. These items can be shared via messenger or text and redeemed directly at the point of sale. Each instrument can include sponsored content and be paired with offers such as discounted products or movie tickets. By digitally connecting retail stakeholders in the store, Lazlo increases opportunities to engage, cross-sell and build consumer loyalty.