Titanic forces are on the horizon. La Fleur’s, the premier publication covering the lottery industry, recently featured Lazlo in its April 2019 issue, in the article “Lazlo 326: Disrupt or Drown.”

The article highlights how Lazlo’s patented Crypto Imaging technology enables retailers to convert lottery sales into a frictionless and highly-targeted digital marketing channel. It also re-invigorates play for consumers by transforming into a seamless digital experience. The result is an entirely new digital lottery experience:

“Lottery 2.0—the evolution from Lottery 1.0 paper tickets to internet sales—hasn’t lived up to its promise,” noted Lazlo’s founder Mike Pinkus. “The result to date has been a digital experience whose only distinction from physical sales is increased friction. Along the way, we missed the opportunity to address some significant consumer pain points.”