Lazlo has invented a new way for retailers and brands to get more value out of digital stored value. Our solution embeds these instruments inside dynamic media like videos and GIFs.

Consumers can buy and share freely, while receiving content and offers from brands they love. And the entire process is fully secure for everyone.

We’re Champions of Experience.

We believe that giving, sharing and getting stored value should be seamless, simple and fun.

A Team of Fintech, AdTech and Lottery Experts.

Our accomplished team has decades of experience from across the stored value spectrum. Together, we saw a problem—that the future of stored value was being driven by those who defined its past. So we invented a better way.


Management Team


Chris Demetree

CEO & Founder

Chris has more than 25 years of experience building successful technology businesses. Prior to Lazlo, he was a founder and partner in V-P Ventures (VPV), a private investment firm focused on early stage and private equity transactions. Before VPV, he held C-level roles with successful startups including Recordant, STC Corp., Intelligenxia and Urban Media. He has a B.S. in Industrial Management from Georgia Institute of Technology.


Mike Pinkus

President, CTO & Founder

Mike is a seasoned technology leader with over 20 years’ experience as an executive leader, product manager, solutions architect and engineer. He has founded four startups with venture and institutional partners. He holds multiple technology patents, including several for lottery and gaming systems.

Gregory Baker

Chief Operations Officer

Greg has 25 plus years of experience developing project management offices (PMOs) and leading global consulting/professional services organizations in the software and call center industry. Greg has held executive positions and provided operational leadership at a diverse portfolio of corporations including First Union Bank, Witness Systems, Knowlagent and Recordant.



Don Kingsborough

NRF, Blackhawk, PayPal

Don Kingsborough is a highly-recognized leader in retail and stored value. He is the founder and former CEO of Blackhawk Networks and Worlds of Wonder. Currently, he is president of the Board of Directors for the National Retail Federation. He has also held important operating roes at OneMarket, PayPal and Atari.


Mike Passilla

JP Morgan Chase, Elavon

Mike Passilla recently retired from his role as Vice Chairman of Commerce Solutions at JPMorgan Chase & Co., following three years as Chief Executive Officer of Merchant Services at Chase Paymentech and JPMorgan Chase & Co. He has more than 23 years of sales, marketing, and consulting experience in building winning sales organizations and optimizing marketing relations.


Richard Char

Verifone, Citi, Blackhawk

Richard Char is a former lawyer, investment banker, tech company CEO, and now payments and commerce innovator. He has held senior executive roles with Verifone, Citi Enterprise Payments, Blackhawk Network and more.


Jeffrey McConnell

American Express, First Data

Jeff McConnell has earned a reputation as a successful CEO and now as a leadership advisor. As a Partner at The Koblentz Group, he assesses and recruits the talent required to enhance valuation for the company’s Technology and FinTech clients. 

Andy Payment

Verifone, First Data

Andy Payment is a global marketing leader focused on helping disruptive technology businesses develop winning market strategies. He is the founder and CEO of Symbiom, a B2B sales and marketing advisory, and former Head of Global Communications for Verifone.


James Ray

J.P. Morgan Chase, Elavon, P97

James Ray is an experienced client engagement executive and thought leader in retail industry, specializing in mobile commerce and digital transformation. He has held executive positions at leading payment industry organizations such as J.P. Morgan Chase, Elavon and P97 Networks.

Our Vision, Mission & Values


To bring stored value into the digital world, making it more engaging, shareable and valuable for everyone.


We’re building an ecosystem. We’re bringing retailers, CPGs and stored value providers together to create more value and connectivity with the consumer in the physical world. And as we succeed, shopping becomes more personal, shareable and fun.


Continuous Improvement
Our mission is hard, but worth it. We’ll need to break a few eggs in order to create exponential value for our customers, shareholders and employees. But we’ll encourage failure and learning. And, we’ll get better at every turn.

Integrity is the currency of trust. We know that we can bring our stakeholders together through honesty, openness and mutual respect. And, we’ll show in our actions and our words.

Customer Focus
Our ecosystem is built around our customers. That’s why we’ll over-index on proactivity, reliability and responsiveness. Our ability to innovate for our customers will continue to grow with our focus.

We support the tenants of servant leadership. We’re committed to our people and to providing them with a healthy and supportive environment, clear direction and honest communication. We lead through change and celebrate our success.

We do everything we can to keep the commitments we make to our stakeholders and to each other. whether it’s our work, our actions or the services we provide, our word is our bond.

We take the steps necessary to ensure that the quality of our products and services always meets our customer’s expectations. We pride ourselves on our ability to execute in professional, accurate and timely manner.